Pep Williams

Jay Adams Backside Slash NFT: Original 1:1

Backside Slash NFT: Original 1:1 Photograph of Jay Adams by photographer, Pep Williams. Includes Full Rights.

This rare 1:1 photograph of Jay Adams was taken by photographer and friend, Pep Williams on the North Shore of Hawaii in 2010.

Legendary Dogtown skateboarder, Jay Adams and world-renowned photographer, Pep Williams’ relationship spanned 30 years. Yet, it wasn’t until this North Shore trip that Pep discovered the man Jay became at the end of his life.

Through Pep’s photographic genius, this image from the collection is more than a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the skateboarding icon. It is a riveting, visceral work of art capturing Jay soon before his death.

To honor Jay’s legacy authentically, Pep included Seven Adams (Jay’s son) on the NFT Maker Team, assuring profit-sharing long-term. Jay Adams and Pep Williams have profoundly shaped the world we know. This is your opportunity to embrace the history they have created together.

Buyer of this NFT receives full physical and digital rights for personal and commercial use with royalties to Pep Williams.


1:1 Original NFT Lot includes:

1:1 original digital edited photograph (.tiff).

1:1 original digital unedited photograph (.tiff).

Physical Print (39” x 23.5" - unframed)

Digital copy of NFT Display Art included

Full IP rights for personal and commercial use. Pep Williams to retain a 5% royalty on all commercial uses of Backside Slash.

Pep Williams retains the usage rights, royalty free, for upcoming 2022 book. Buyer's option to be recognized as the owner of the piece in the upcoming book.


Full legal documents included via IPFS with purchase.

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