Pep Williams

9:10 Jay Adams - Menace To Society

9:10 Edition

9:10 NFT - numbered and signed photographic prints (no expanded license or rights) of Jay Adams taken by photographer and friend, Pep Williams on the North Shore of Hawaii in 2010. These Legendary Dogtown skateboarder, Jay Adams and world-renowned photographer, Pep Williams’ relationship spanned 30 years. Yet it wasn’t until a trip to Hawaii’s North Shore in 2010 that Pep discovered the man Jay became at the end of his life.

Through Pep’s photographic genius, these images are more than a one-of-a-kind glimpse into an icon of the skateboarding world. They also are riveting, visceral works of art capturing Jay soon before his death.

To honor Jay’s legacy authentically, Pep included Seven Adams (Jay’s son) on the NFT Maker Team, assuring profit-sharing long term. These NFTs come with full physical and digital rights, meaning that the buyer may use the original images commercially (for-profit endeavors).

Jay Adams and Pep Williams have profoundly shaped the world we know. This is your opportunity to embrace the history they have created together.

Buyers of these NFT Lots receive only personal use rights for the NFT and physical print. This NFT Lot does not include any expanded use rights.

Each of 10 NFT Lots includes:
1:10 individually numbered and signed photographic prints
Physical print (13.75" x 22" - unframed) shipped to buyer
Digital Copy for personal use only, attached to IPFS with purchase
This Lot does NOT include any expanded license or use rights. No rights for commercial use.

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